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for v1.0 boards

Part Value Qty. Link Notes
C1, C2 10uF 2 here
C5 100nF 1 here
D1, D2 1N4004 2 here
D3, D4, D8, D9 1N4148 4 here
D5, D6, D10, D12 LEDs 4 red LEDs here any 5mm LEDs work, experiment!
IC1 TL074 1 here
L/R DIRT 20kB 2 here kurled shaft 9mm
L/R GAIN 50kB 2 here
R2 / R6 / R10 / R14 1k 4 here all resistors 0805, 1/8w SMD
R4 / R5 / R12 / R13 2k 4 here
R8 / R15 10k 2 here
R3 / R11 56k 2 here
R1 / R9 100k 2 here
ALL JACKS 4 here aka "Thonkiconn"
Euro Power pins 2 x 5 here 2 rows of 5
Piezos 2 here leave the lead wire on!


  • Affix the two piezo elements to the circles on the back of the panel. Hot glue or superglue works well here.

  • You can affix pretty much anything (or nothing) you'd like to the front panel, but if you'd like the classic sandpaper, cut it to a width of about 92mm and height of 63mm. Pieces of belt sander sandpaper work well here and are very durable.

  • Before powering on for the first time, check for shorts between the GND, +12, and -12 test points.

  • Values for all parts will be on the board.

  • The 3.5mm jacks are marked with their function (IN, OUT, etc) for easier troubleshooting.